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Welcome to Proper Genies!

We are a private real estate company focused on offering you top of the line solutions. If you want to buy ; sell; rent a property or place a property on rent, we are here to assist you as fast as possible. What makes our services unique is that we can help you at any given time during the day or night. We believe in innovation and we know that you need real estate support outside of regular working hours too. That’s why we are offering real estate support online or via phone whenever you need it the most.

Our services are very versatile and focused on helping you achieve the best results every time. Our commitment is to value and professionalism, and you can rely on us to bring you the ultimate experience. We believe that harnessing the power of genies and understanding the real estate market will make it easy to buy or sell a property.

We try to fulfil all your real estate requirements so you can have the best possible experience at any given time. We truly believe in offering you the best service and results, and you can count on us to help whenever you need assistance.

Since we are vetted real estate experts and we sold hundreds of properties, we know how to provide customers with the best experience every time. You just have to work closely with us and we guarantee that you will have the best experience and results on the market.

We are offering the best combination of highly professional staff, award-winning marketing, real estate experience, market leading IT systems and many others. We bring you the first-class satisfaction that you always wanted through a medium that’s fast, accessible and interesting. Once you work with us you will be amazed with the true focus we have on value and the experience that we can bring to the table.

The main focus of Proper Genies is to bring you the assistance and help you need. Whether you just want to buy a home, sell one , rent a property or acquire real estate advice, we are always here for you. We guarantee that you will have a very good experience and you will obtain the desired results.

Our company excels in communication and offering top quality solutions you can rely on, so just get in touch with us and let us help you as fast as possible with the best real estate assistance and support!

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  • 67% London
  • 33% Slough

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  • 100% Flat

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  • 100% For Rent

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